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Camp Perry  Presentation Rifles - 2006

Here they are!

We are proud to have been selected to craft these rifles for the Civilian Marksmanship Program, this being our 9th year to do so, and encourage all who attend the 2006 National Matches at Camp Perry to stop by the CMP Headquarters building and view these fine rifles in person.

The rifles this year are NMA Expert Level Match Rifles with various stock treatments. They range from a very traditional American walnut "crotchwood" fancy to a more subtle American walnut "tabby stripe" fancy. Rifles to come include one in our favorite stock material, English walnut with it's dramatic, adventurous nature and strong vein-like variegations, and yet another in the more traditional "tiger stripe" grain pattern. 

Instead of engraving the operating rods and floor plates as in the past, this year we've elected to decorate the handguards in a uniquely different pewter cloisonné technique to commemorate both the 2006 National Match event and the builder, National Match Armory.

This is our way of introducing this style of personalization which will be available on special-order rifles from NMA after August 1, 2006.


National Trophy Individual Pistol Match...Army Sgt. 1st Class Adam Sokolowski

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President's Pistol Match...Army Reserve Staff Sgt. James Henderson

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2006 CMP Springfield Match Presentation Rifle

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2006 CMP John C. Garand Match Presentation Rifle

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2006 National Trophy Individual Match...SPC Brandon Green, USAMU

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The 2006 National Match Armory Camp Perry Presentation Rifles will be presented by the Civilian Marksmanship Program to the winners of the following matches:

John C. Garand Match (CMP-Selected):

National Trophy Individual Rifle Match:

President's Pistol Match:

National Trophy Individual Pistol Match:

Springfield Rifle Match (CMP-Selected):

Congratulations from National Match Armory to the winners at the 2006 Camp Perry National Trophy Matches. It is an honor to participate and to team with the Civilian Marksmanship Program to recognize your shooting sports excellence.

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