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    This new web page is devoted to rifles which have come...and gone...over the months and years here at the National Match Armory website. They are categorized just as they were when they were actually available for sale.

    The purpose is to give our potential customers a better idea of the range and breadth of the rifles we build using the venerable M1 as a base. For that reason, we've also included some rifles which were built as personal projects, and others which were built specifically for customers to meet their individual needs or desires.

    The biggest shortcoming is that only the very latest of our creations have been photographed, most of the earlier ones having been lost to the mists of time and new ownership. The other shortcoming is that we can't show all the rifles, so we've selected a few of that latest projects and rifles built for sale which are representative samples of our everyday work. But, we try to keep the photographic record of our accomplishments fresh and up to date.

    We'll be adding to it from time to time as we are able to record newly built rifles, or get older ones back into our possession just long enough to take their pictures...and reminisce.

    This Gallery will be useful when planning your own rifle, and can be referred to when you're looking for a particular feature or combination of features. If we've done it once...we can do it again.



Most Recent Projects:

We built this neat target-style 1903A3 for a doctor client of ours to shoot long range with a original-looking but very accurate bolt action service rifle. Only the receiver remains of the original rifle, the rest having been replaced with other, some highly modified, pieces. The rifle has a new .30-06 1-10 barrel, steel bedding, full accurizing and action-smoothing mods. The C stock furniture is American black walnut in our presentation finish while the metal surfaces are done in a subtle, yet very pleasing combination of our proprietary satin blue, bright blue and high polish in the white. The sights are Redfield and the overall effect is very, very cool as well as satisfyingly accurate.

    We build target-style rifles on the 1903 and 1903A3 platforms on a regular basis, some quite aggressive like this one, and others less so. We personally like iron sighted Springfield-based target rifles, and are always looking for an excuse, no matter how weak, to build yet another one.                                                                                                                  

Here's another recently completed Remington 1903, in this case a John C, Garand competition legal rifle built from a bare receiver/barrel combo the client bought from the Civilian Marksmanship Program and brought to us to be built into a target rifle. 

We finished this one in a burnished dark gray  parkerize with blued accents, smoothed up the action, match-conditioned the trigger, and did as much fitting and accurizing work as the rules allow. It's fitted with one of our beautiful straight grain black walnut C-style stocks as were the original National Match 1903's. It's a good looker, for sure, and it's capable of X-ring accuracy to boot! 

    The 1903 Springfield is a very popular rifle for John C. Garand competition, and has won the annual national JCG Match event at Camp Perry twice. While it requires great dexterity with the bolt in rapid fire, the excellent sight system and inherent accuracy in original form make it a formidable competitor.

    We build rifles like this on both the 1903 and the 1903A3 platform regularly, but most are sold even before they are completed. Keep an eye on the "Rifles Currently For Sale" page for our latest offerings. Or, give us a call and order one! (This one, of course, isn't for sale, but we can build you one just like it.)


Just completed, we built this little gem for the wife of an old friend of ours in California. It's an Expert Match Rifle chambered in 7.62x51 with all the bells and whistles including an NMA match-grade standard profile barrel, steel bedding, full accurizing and a match-conditioned trigger. 

    Instead of the more common National Match half-minute peep sights, the primary aiming system for this full custom rifle is a Leopold 2.5X long eye relief Scout Scope mounted on our proprietary National Match Armory weaver-style base. This versatile system has proven extremely popular with hunters as well as informal target shooters, especially those with weak eyesight.

    In the course of testing on a breezy day, this rifle produced consistent 1.5" groups at 200 yards with Singapore NATO surplus ammo! We suspect it would do better with good ammo.



Presentation rifles are one of the specialties here at National Match Armory. We build them for a variety of individuals, associations and clubs, to be presented to those lucky or hard-working enough to receive them. This particular Presentation M1 was built and presented to a distinguished Army Sergeant in Texas, an individual who had worked long and hard to the great benefit of the members of the Fort Wolters SSC and the members of the Texas State Rifle Association.

While it is customary for presentation rifles to be pretty, and of course this one is, dressed in fancy fiddleback walnut furniture, this one is also fully accurized and ready for the heat of across-the-course battle, should the good Sergeant ever decide to compete again. More than likely, however, this rifle will spend most of it's time on his home office wall, so we selected a very traditional brass plaque on the butt stock for the engraved gratitude.







We restored this 1903A4 for a customer who'd bought it as a rusty, well-abused and neglected example of the marque from CMP during their last auction. The missing optics and mounts were replaced, the stock replaced with a correct original scant stock and restored. We restored all the metal to as close to as-issued as possible, including re-bluing and parkerizing the appropriate parts, and locating and installing many new parts, springs and case-hardened parts in the process. The result is a very convincing and shootable restoration that we - and he! - are very proud of.


   MVC-073S.JPG (33113 bytes)   MVC-142S.JPG (31045 bytes)

Here's one to chew on! It's an M1E...the way the M1C and M1D should have been!  Actually, we carved this one out of bits and pieces, some original M1, some vintage aftermarket and some purely custom by National Match Armory. It's chambered in 7.62x51 (.308) and has all the accuracy tricks built in. The scope is an old steel tube Weaver 4X while the mount is a Pachmar which locates the scope over the barrel centerline, and rotates out of the way to load. It's a great handling and shooting rifle! We can't wait to try it out on some centerfire silhouettes!  We'll restore the scope and mount when we find some extra time, but until then we're going to enjoy shooting it. (Sorry, it's not for sale, and no, we don't know where there's another mount like this one.)


These photos are of two of the many 1903 and 1903A3 rifles we've built for customers in past years. Some of them have been John C. Garand-legal for use in JCG and Springfield CMP matches, accurized to the extent which is legal in these matches.Others, on the other hand, have been steel bedded, fully accurized and fitted for precision shooting, either from the bench or across the course. We specialize in precision stockwork for these fine old military 







rifles, a skill unknown today except here at National Match Armory. We'll have more photos of these neat rifles soon.

Remington 1903  Springfield Match Rifle: SN #3152XXX  

The new CMP Springfield Match series has spawned a renewed interest in match-ready 1903 and 1903-A3 rifles, Now, instead of gathering dust in some forgotten corner of a gun safe, Springfield rifles are once again on the firing line, competing with others for the gold at 200 yards.

      R3152B.JPG (39907 bytes)      R3152C.JPG (41837 bytes)     R3152D.JPG (40471 bytes)     R3152E.JPG (41260 bytes)     R3152F.JPG (40023 bytes)

This early National Match Armory-crafted Remington 1903 Match Rifle...much plainer than the ones we build now...was built for just such service. It features a mint RA 8 - 44 barrel, new hand-fitted and finished American black walnut furniture, beautiful hand-burnished dark gray eggshell parkerized finish and all the accurizing that can be  done within the CMP Springfield Match series rules. The bolt has been fitted and the action smoothed while the trigger is smooth and crisp, just the ticket for high scores in all positions. Why waste time trying to be competitive with an ugly, cranky, worn-out and inaccurate '03 rifle when this one is ready to go...and to win!

Springfield Armory 1903 Springfield Match Rifle: SN1400XXX   

We just finished this really great Springfield 1903 Match Rifle and feel that it may be one of the very finest of its type we've ever built! It's fully accurized within the rules for the CMP matches and features precision inletting, a very user-friendly trigger, a snug and responsive NM-style ladder rear sight, and one of the well-known-for-accuracy High Standard replacement barrels dated 5/44.

SA1400B.JPG (40736 bytes)     SA1400C.JPG (40179 bytes)    SA1400F.JPG (39888 bytes)      SA1400E.JPG (39357 bytes)     SA1400D.JPG (40600 bytes)

The furniture is nicely figured American black walnut in a medium tone to highlight the outstanding grain structure, while the metal is smooth and very original-looking in a combination of gray/black parkerize and machine blue. It's an awesome rifle in both appearance and performance. As a bonus, this rifle has been inconspicuously pre-drilled and tapped (holes are fitted with removable plugs) and may easily be fitted with a scope for use as a hunting rifle. Gone to a new home and happy owner.

Custom Built Match Grade M1-D "Sniper"


This is one of the very nicest M1-D clones we've ever built at National Match Armory. It's completely authentic on the outside, but is 100% match rifle on the inside. It's steel bedded and accurized to the "Expert Match Rifle" level, so that it shoots much, much better than an original M1-D ever dreamed of!


The M84 scope is brand new, as are all the other M1-D specific parts including the scope mount, the leather MRT-marked cheek piece and the prong-style flash hider.  Even the MRT-marked and dated cotton sling is brand new! The barrel is a match grade commercial replacement of outstanding quality, as is the American walnut stock and handguards.


Here's an example of a John C. Garand Match Rifle - legal and plenty accurate for serious competition in that class - with upgraded fancy walnut furniture. There's no reason why a work gun has to look like one! 

     MVC-056S.JPG (29801 bytes)


The exact grain pattern is different on each rifle, of course, but we offer Semi-Fancy and Fancy grades of wood on M1's and M1A's (Sorry, the long '03 stock does not lend itself to the use of fancy woods). 

The finish is hand rubbed with a proprietary blend of organic drying oils, called our Presentation Finish, just like it's been done on fine firearms for hundreds of years.

Of course, there is a substantial premium for the stock upgrades. Please inquire if this option is of interest. As one of our best friends always says, "Life's too short to live with an ugly gun...or something like that."

NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle  #5965XXX: (Sorry, it's sold!)

    VAR JCG Left rcvr.JPG (41371 bytes)     VAR JCG Right.JPG (41060 bytes)

    VAR JCG Butt.JPG (42260 bytes)     VAR JCG Front.JPG (40536 bytes)

     VAR JCG Left.JPG (40900 bytes)     VAR JCG Leftside from front.JPG (42505 bytes)

This recently-completed National Match Armory-built JCG match rifle features a beautiful medium-dark tone upgrade semi-fancy walnut stock with outstanding figure. It is as-new in all respects, with a competition-ready trigger, tight calibrated sights, and a beautiful charcoal gray parkerize finish.  The barrel is a new match-grade VAR Danish replacement which has been guaged for straightness and concentricity. This rifle's got all the "careful assembly" possible while still remaining legal in JCG competition. It shoots like nobody's business!  In fact, this is the rifle we selected to take to Perry as a backup for our "old reliable" JCG match gun. As we expected, we didn't need it.  It's all zero'd and ready to go! 


NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle SA #5882XXX:  Sorry, it's sold!

RLegsE.JPG (41435 bytes)     RLegsA.JPG (41983 bytes)     RLegsD.JPG (39772 bytes)     RLegsB.JPG (39878 bytes)     RLegsC.JPG (40365 bytes)

This outstanding John C. Garand Match Rifle with absolutely stunning upgraded semi-fancy walnut furniture features all the smoothing and careful assembly legal in CMP John C. Garand Match competition. 

The trigger is light and user-friendly while the original sights have been smoothed calibrated for precision operation. And, as with all NMA rifles, this one features an as-new gas system and the best parkerizing you've ever seen! 

The barrel is new original USGI, one of the excellent '60s dated #5448 barrels like those used on original NM M1 rifles (this barrel is not NM marked). And, this rifle is as smooth and accurate as it is beautiful, ready to shoot "possibles" in JCG matches.  


     MVC-010S.JPG (41481 bytes)     5893-016S.JPG (41662 bytes)

     NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle #5893XXX:  (Sorry, this one just got sold, too)

With upgraded semi-fancy dark walnut furniture, this JCG match-legal M1 is sure to turn heads on the firing line. The figure is brightly striped and consistent from one end of the rifle to the other, including the hand guards! (Capturing this figure is almost impossible in photos, unfortunately.) It's completely "carefully assembled" within the rules for JCG competition and features a crisp trigger, butter-smooth operation and total reliability. The barrel is a new '60s-dated #5448 USGI replacement of the same type used on the last "real" National Match rifles (no, it is not NM marked). This rifle shoots great and looks...well, awesome!  


This Master Level M1 is a serious, no-nonsense  competitor's rifle, with full accuracy modifications, steel bedding, a Douglas premium barrel and our proprietary Series II NM sights. 

    MVC-047S.JPG (33535 bytes)

The dense black walnut furniture is interestingly figured, finished with open grain for superior grip and specially contoured for match use. The NM modified trigger is crisp and user friendly, as are the 1/2 minute SII hooded rear sights which feature white rear sight numerals and marks which allow the shooter less chance for error when reading them under the stress of match conditions. 


We also construct custom rifles using such non-original materials as laminated birch in a number of different colors. This recently completed black laminate Master Level Match Rifle has a very tactical flavor while being completely legal for across-the-course competition in Service Rifle class. It's fully pressure steel bedded and features a Douglas Air Gauged medium weight match barrel in .308 caliber. Of course it's got all the other match stuff, too, including a crisp trigger, half-minute NM sights and full accurizing from bumper to bumper. It's fast handling, comfortable, smooth and reliable as well as being mighty good looking in a very non-traditional way. We like it...and so does it's new owner!

Springfield Armory #230XXX: (Check the serial number!!! Sorry...Sold!)

This beautiful  Expert Level M1 is  ready to turn in excellent scores across the course, or bring hours of precision shooting fun from the bench. Fitted with a new NMA military profile premium match barrel, it's chambered in .30-06 and is fully accurized with steel bedding,







full National Match front end and gas system modifications. It's fitted with new custom fitted straight grain black walnut furniture with our unique, hand-applied finish, our proprietary dark gray parkerize metal and with  half-minute NMA Series II Match Sights. Of course, the trigger has been smoothed and lightened to just over 4 1/2 pounds, and the entire rifle is hand-fitted, as are all NMA-built firearms. It's a sweetheart, from the bench or across the course, ready to win the next match...and, she could be yours, ultra-low serial number and all...! 

SA #1052XXX  -  Expert Level Match T-26 Presentation Rifle (Sorry, it's sold!)

Now here's something a little bit different! Built with all the careful craftsmanship of every National Match Armory Expert Level Match Rifle, this little T-26 is as nice as they come - just a bit shorter, that's all! 

It features a match-grade military profile barrel, steel bedding and full accurizing, just like it's bigger brothers. But it has beautiful fancy grade striped American Walnut furniture from one end to the other, for the finest appearance there is...anywhere! 

        A-Left.JPG (41559 bytes)     Afrontend.JPG (40596 bytes)     Areciever.JPG (40102 bytes)     Awood.JPG (40539 bytes)     Arear.JPG (41447 bytes)

This little beauty is chambered in .308 and shoots like a dream. And, it's ready to come you your house! $2695.


SA #1709XXX: Expert Level Match T-26 M1  Rifle!   (Sorry...Aloha!)

Here's another example of an Expert Level Match rifle in T-26 configuration, this time chambered in the traditional .30-06 caliber. It's fully accurized and match conditioned with full steel bedding, shooter-friendly trigger and complete accurizing. 

The barrel is a military contour match quality NMA unit while the custom-fitted and hand-finished wood is American Black Walnut in a very attractive medium tone with strong grain pattern. 

     Bright.JPG (40760 bytes)     Breciever.JPG (40611 bytes)     Bfront.JPG (39853 bytes)     Bleft.JPG (41304 bytes)     Bdetail.JPG (41544 bytes)

It's all set and good-to-go, ready for target shooting or field use with plenty of punch for hunting, should the occasion arise. $2395.

Collector Grade:

Springfield Armory M1D #3576XXX: (Sold)

    We've got to guess that this is one of the "Special Forces" M1D rifles that CMP sold a few years ago, and if it is, it's one of the nicest ones we've seen. In contrast to the new-in-the-box M1Ds they were selling at the same time, the "SF" rifles were used, and were without the cheek pad and flash hider assembly.

    We had the opportunity to do some accuracy work on this particular rifle a couple of years ago for the previous owner and were impressed with it's quality then. Now it's become a trade-in and is looking for a new home. 

    Typically, this one is a mixed bag of parts as the D's were, with parts color and wear plausible throughout. We'd rate the exterior appearance as Very Good, with only the most minor wear and handling marks. The barrel is a GI M1D marked "SA D7312555 1 53 MD34" with small crossed cannons. The bore is pristine as is the muzzle and the throat, which measures a 2 on the TEG. The scope is bright and clear with only a couple of very small "floaters", the exterior is a weathered blue with worn edges as it should be. The leather cheek pad appears to be a service replacement which matches the rifle nicely, and the cone-style flash hider has also been replaced. The action has been 'glass bedded and the rifle accurized by National Match Armory, though the work is several years old.  

New John C. Garand Match Rifles:

See the "John C. Garand Level Match Rifles" web page for details on these excellent "as-issued-but-better" competition-ready rifles. 

Springfield Armory SN2517XXX  (Sorry, it's SOLD!)

We finally completed a John C. Garand Match rifle before it was sold! That's a small miracle in these days of growing popularity of the whole JCG Match series, both local, regional and national.






The John C. Garand Match Rifle, as built exclusively by National Match Armory, is technically "as-issued", but far better in fit, finish and accuracy than any Garand which ever saw battle service. They feature all the "legal" accurizing and hand-fitted "careful assembly" possible under the CMP rules, and are capable of outstanding accuracy and reliability both off the bench and under match conditions.

No other M1 rifles - or any of the look-alike replica rifles - on the market today even approach the level of perfection present in all NMA John C. Garand Match Rifles. They may look like one from a distance, but close-up and on the firing line there's a world of difference. Check it out yourself, you'll see what we mean!

This one features a perfect January 1944 receiver mated to a new S-A-2-46 barrel with a throat measurement of <2 and an absolutely perfect muzzle. As with all of our John C. Garand Match Rifles, it's got new black walnut furniture in what we call our "military" finish, but which is more like a furniture finish than that for a battle rifle. Like all National Match Armory wood, this stock set is final shaped, sanded, stained, burnished and oiled by hand for the finest fit, finish and handling qualities in the industry - bar none!. 

The metal has our proprietary hand burnished dark gray/black parkerizing (which does not photograph particularly well when a flash is used, but is gorgeous in real life!). And the rifle is, of course, accurized within the rules for  CMP John C. Garand match competition and the action smoothed for excellent accuracy and absolute reliability with USGI M2 ball or the equivelent. The trigger is smooth and crisp to ease trigger control and aid accuracy under match conditions.

MVC-191S.JPG (29961 bytes)           MVC-186S.JPG (25865 bytes)           MVC-184S.JPG (34569 bytes)     This beauty is fresh, friendly and looking for a new shooting buddy...which could be you!  

Springfield Armory #1908XXX: (Sold)

                                                          Just completed, this rifle features a fresh, as-new .30-06 SA 1 - 65 barrel, beautiful new stain and oil finished walnut furniture, and deep charcoal gray parkerizing with a hand-burnished eggshell finish that's second to none in the industry. The gas system is fresh and the rifle has been treated to a complete John C. Garand accurizing program which includes hand fitting and careful assembly for maximum accuracy within the rules of the class. The trigger is just over 4 1/2 lbs. and is crisp and sure. The sights are late-style, Korean War battle sights. It's very attractive, tight and ready to win the next John C. Garand match. 

New Expert Level Match Rifles:

    The Expert Level Match Rifle is the most basic Service Rifle Match-ready rifle offered by National Match Armory. Though moderately priced, the Expert Level M1 features all the important NM features that make it both accurate and reliable in competition. See the "Expert Level Match Rifles" web page for more details.

Springfield Armory #XXXXXXX: (Sold)

We have had many calls for presentation quality rifles in the last few months, and this one certainly is all of that and more. This newly completed Expert level M1 is the most impressive looking rifle we've put together since we completed last years' Camp Perry award rifles. It features all the good stuff including a new premium quality NMA standard profile match barrel in .30-06 caliber, full accurizing including steel bedding and front end modifications. The gas system is as-new with NM modifications and the trigger features a crisp 4 1/2+ pound pull for match-winning performance. The finish is our famous charcoal gray/black parkerizing with a soft eggshell sheen. And, the extra-fancy black walnut furniture features full-length fiddleback and matching color on all three presentation-finished pieces...this photo, though it shows the wood better than the previous photo, still does the overall rifle very little  justice.  It's as handsome as they come, and ready for X-ring performance across the course.

Springfield Armory #844XXX: (Sold)

    This recently completed rifle is hand-fitted and accurized, as are all Expert Level rifles, and fitted with a pristine, as-new SA 2-48 barrel which has been gauged for straightness and internal diameter. The rifle is fitted with beautiful hand-finished and boldly figured walnut furniture and is steel bedded for precision angularity and long-lasting receiver-to-stock fit. It is finished in National Match Armory's famous hand-burnished gray/black parkerizing which is the finest in the industry. Sights are Korean War-style battle sights. It's accurate, with a smooth, crisp 4 1/2 lb. trigger, and ready to go. 

Springfield Armory #840XXX: (Sold)

    This recently completed rifle is hand-fitted and accurized, as are all Expert Level rifles, and fitted with a pristine, as-new SA 2-48 barrel which has been gauged for straightness and internal diameter. The rifle is fitted with beautiful hand-finished and boldly figured walnut furniture and is steel bedded for precision angularity and long-lasting receiver-to-stock fit. It is finished in National Match Armory's famous hand-burnished gray/black parkerizing which is the finest in the industry. Sights are Korean War-style battle sights. It's accurate, with a smooth, crisp 4 1/2 lb. trigger, and ready to go.

Springfield Armory M1 #334XXX: (Sold)

    This freshly built Expert Level M1 is ready to take to the range for either competition or pleasure...or both!  It has been completely accurized with steel bedding and features fresh premium parkerizing in gray/black, or signature finish. It has an excellent gas system and late-style sights. The newly installed GI S/A barrel is dated 10-65 and features a 2 throat, exceptionally tight muzzle, a bright, bright bore and no import stamp. The new black walnut furniture is medium tone with strong horizontal figure and a boiled linseed oil finish. It's ready to make it's new owner proud! 

Springfield Armory M1 #2563XXX: (SOLD)

    With an unusually strongly grained dark black walnut stock and handguards in our Presentation finish, this Expert Level M1 is as good looking as it is accurate and reliable. The bright bore features a throat guage measurement of three, a tight muzzle with a S/A 1-65 barrel date. The gas system is perfect and the sights are late style. Parts are 100% GI, hand-fitted for smooth and reliable operation, as are all National Match Armory rifles. The metal finish is our famous eggshell gray/black parkerize and looks outstanding. It's completely accurized and steel bedded. The trigger has been smoothed and lightened to just over 4.5 pounds. It's ready to go the range for fun...or some serious long range competition! 

Springfield SN#3570XXX: (SOLD)

One of the most popular upgrades in our Expert level rifles is the Douglas Premium Air-Guaged barrel along with the Series II National Match sights. This rifle, chambered in .30-06 caliber, has both options in addition to very attractive, nicely figured black walnut furniture and our exceptional proprietary gray/black parkerize finish. Like all other Expert level rifles, it's steel bedded and fully accurized for superior accuracy and has a very crisp, user-friendly trigger . 

    To prove the point, this rifle was tested with Greek .30-06 surplus ammo and grouped well under 2" @ 200 a sling from the prone position, at that! Just think of how well it'd do with Federal Gold Medal or some good handloads!  

Springfield SN#4397XXX: (SOLD)

This awesome-looking .308/7.62x51 caliber Expert level National Match Armory match rifle is one of the prettiest non-presentation  rifles we've built in a long time. The beautifully figured black walnut furniture on this particular rifle is vintage GI that we lovingly made-over because, frankly, it was far too pretty to pass by. Like all other Expert level rifles, this one is steel bedded and accurized, fitted with a new NMA premium quality standard profile match barrel and Series II National Match sights front and rear. The delicately colored wood is complimented by our proprietary eggshell finish gray/black parkerizing. And, not just another pretty face, this little honey prints under 2" @ 200 yards! Not too shabby in anybody's book, but fairly typical for a NMA Expert level rifle. 

Springfield SN#2820XXX: (SOLD)

We are very fond of the .308/7.62x51 caliber when it comes to building match-quality M1 rifles, and this one is no exception. It features a NMA premium quality standard profile match barrel, 4-groove 1-12" twist to stablize both military and match ammo up to 168 gr. properly for inexpensive practice and superior across-the-course performance. This particular rifle features medium-tone black walnut furniture, full accurizing as is appropriate to an Expert level rifle, a user-friendly trigger, full Series II National Match sights and, of course, our proprietary gray/black parkerize finish. It's a sweetheart...but, unfortunately for you, it's already somebody else's! Sorry.

Springfield SN# 452XXX:  

The most popular rifle we build here at National Match Armory is the Expert level rifle, with steel bedding, full accurizing, Series II National Match sights and a premium quality NMA original profile match barrel (4-groove/1-10" twist) chambered in the traditional .30-06 caliber. Of course, these rifles also include uniquely grained, oil-finished black walnut furniture, our proprietary eggshell gray/black parkerize finish and a crisp, user-friendly trigger. 

This particular rifle, #452XXX, is all of the above, and when test-fired produced 1 MOA accuracy (2 inches @ 200 yards) from the prone position with surplus Greek military M2 ammo. It's good to go and just itchin' to make it's new partner happy! 


New Master and High Master Match Rifles:

Springfield Armory #2417XXX: 

                                                 Just the ticket for the serious .30 caliber Service Rifle Match shooter (remember them?), this full-power .30-06 Master Level M1 features superior performance as well as outstanding good looks! It's fully steel bedded with a rear pillar and employs a premium quality stainless steel 6-groove Citadel heavyweight match barrel. The walnut stock has beautifully striped figure from one end to the other with matching handguards and National Match Armory's outstanding presentation oil finish. Full NM mods front to back with unitized front end and pressure dampened barrel. The metal has a dark gray parkerize surface while the stainless barrel has a delicately contrasting machine finish. Trigger is match-ready as are the hooded half-minute NM rear sights and narrow NM front sight blade. With premium match ammo, this rifle's ready to shoot one X after another. 

Springfield Armory #3359XXX: (Sold)

    Recently completed, this new Master Level M1 features a 4-groove heavy weight Douglas Premium Air-Gauged barrel, chambered in the traditional.30-06 caliber. It features a combination of 'glass and steel bedding, with a steel pillar at the rear for extra-secure clamping action. The medium-tone (actually quite a bit darker than photo shows) walnut stock set is straight grained with delicate figure here and there for interest. The stock set is finished in presentation grade oil and stain finish which is unique to National Match Armory and is, without doubt, the finest anywhere! The rifle is completely accurized, has a crisp 4 3/4 lb. trigger and is currently fitted with late-style battle sights (which can be upgraded to 1/2 minute NM sights if desired, at extra cost). The deep, nearly black parkerizing is hand-burnished for the ultimate in good looks. With Federal GM Match ammo, this meticulously assembled beauty is an easy sub-MOA match winner.  


*Note: Most gun stores are willing to do out-of-city or out-of-state rifle transfers for a very nominal fee. Please call for information on how this works.

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