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Love Potion  #10 Bore Conditioner and Love Potion #11 Action Lube...

Made by us, used by us...just for .30 caliber service rifles!

* We have developed the perfect action lube and bore conditioner to suit the rigorous demands of semi-automatic and bolt-action .30-caliber service rifles.

* They are our own formulations, proven safe and effective from long use and testing by Eric Pierce in his own trophy-winning service rifles, including his Texas State Long-Range Service Rifle Championship-winning M-14 "High Master" NM rifle.

* Available in large "Shooter Size Combo Pack" for the serious marksman.


Love Potion #10 Bore Conditioner... formulated to be especially effective on tough military powder residue as well as that left by military semi-automatic primers... 

...and leaves a thin layer of protection to provide short-term protection against rust in the bore...

...and helps keep the gas system clean and free of corrosion.

The cleaning and lubricating needs of a service rifle shooter are unique. Different in many ways from that of the bench rest shooter, the hunter, the pistol shooter and all the other shooting disciplines. 

But all bore cleaners and lubricants currently on the market are designed for them, and not for us. Why? Because we are outnumbered in the marketplace, and in the end, it all comes down to who spends the most amount of money on cleaning products.

We need a bore conditioner that is easy to use, is safe on parkerized and oiled wood surfaces,  that quickly removes stubborn built-up military  powder fouling and leaves a thin layer of protection to help prevent the formulation of rust in the bore and gas system. 

And that is exactly what National Match Armory's Love Potion #10 does. 

NMA's Love Potion #10 quickly loosens even the toughest military powder fouling build-up from the bore, throat, gas cylinder, gas piston, operating rod and gas cylinder port, as well as from the mag well and bolt face areas...all of which are exposed to gas-born residue. It is an excellent overall cleaner for all surfaces except the wood*.

It is applied sparingly, allowed to soak a few minutes, and then wiped away, taking the residue along with it. The resulting surface is not only clean, but protected from rust by a thin protective coating which penetrates down into the pores of the metal*.

The real beauty of NMA's Love Potion #10 is that it wicks into areas which are not normally disassembled for routine cleaning, most specifically the gas port / gas cylinder lock areas of M1 and M14-type rifles. It helps keep these areas free of buildup while at the same time protecting them from rust - a very common occurrence when conventional bore cleaners are used.

Love Potion #10 is recommended as a general-purpose cleaner for match rifles which are seldom disassembled from the stock. Love Potion #10 can be applied to most critical areas using a combination of surgical Q-Tips and patches, keeping the rifle clean and rust-free without the need for disassembly.

Once you've tried it, you'll never go back to any other bore cleaner. Never.


Love Potion #11 Action Lube...

...provides a thin layer of tough lubrication... clear, virtually invisible, while providing superior, long-lasting protection against friction and wear... extraordinarily slippery, allowing bolt-action rifles a new dimension in silky smooth operation...

...while giving semi-automatic rifles never before experienced friction-free function, even in the heat of rapid fire...

...a little bit goes a long, long way.

Shooter's Size Bottles: 4 oz. LP #10 Bore Conditioner / 1/2 oz. LP#11 Action Lube

Combo-Pack - $18.00 plus $10 shipping/handling

Lubrication technology has come a long way since Lubriplate™ was developed, and yet that's what most M1, M14 and 1903 shooters still use. Why? Because up until now there's been nothing measurably better.

Now there is.

National Match Armory's Love Potion #11 Action Lube takes advantage of a half-decade of lubricant research. Applied according to directions it wicks down into the pores of the metal, eliminating friction and wear between moving parts. 

It provides a tough, heat resistant layer of silky smooth lubrication to increase operational reliability and greatly increase the service life of all moving components.

Love Potion #11 Action Lube is clear, odorless and nearly invisible when used according to recommendations, eliminating unsightly greasy build-up in the action and minimizing the attraction of friction and wear-causing grit.

Love Potion #11 Action Lube is water-proof and perfect for match rifles which are seldom disassembled because the protection and lubrication it provides last a very long time. 

Other popular lubricants turn stiff over time, slowing the action rather than speeding it. Love Potion #11 stays put without thickening, providing the same superior lubrication even after long periods of storage. 

National Match Armory's Love Potion #11 Action Lube is absolutely ideal for use on 1903 and 1903A3 bolt action rifles, too.

Though invisible, it provides a measure of lubrication which makes these often sticky and hitchy bolts and actions glide open and shut like an expensive sporting rifle. 

You won't believe the difference it makes...until you've tried it...and then you'll never be without it again.


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