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Mission Statement:

    Though regionally very well known, National Match Armory has only recently become nationally recognized for building world-class competition and presentation service rifles, using issue-grade  M1 Garand, M14/M1A and '03 Springfield as our raw material. 

    While some other rifle builders cater to collectors, or have moved on into the high-tech world of the AR-15, National Match Armory has continued to develop and apply 21st Century technology to these venerable WWII-era rifles, making them smoother, more accurate, more reliable and far better looking than ever before.

    Our goal is to provide the top-end Garand enthusiast with competition quality rifles, accuracy work, restoration and repair service which is absolutely second to none.

    By clinging to old world craftsmanship and the expectation of excellence, we have positioned ourselves at the very top of the competitive heap, much the same as Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and Ferrari have done in the automobile sector.

    We accept that some of our products are not for everybody. While we have first class diagnosis and repair facilities - as well as a occasional collector quality rifle or two - that will certainly be of interest, collectors and casual shooters will probably not find our match rifles appealing. 

    Likewise, bargain hunters, to whom the lowest prices and fastest turn-around times are more important than quality and craftsmanship, will seek service elsewhere.

    But for those who seek the very best in both rifles and repair service, you have come to the right place.

    In the same way that there's always room for a Ferrari in even the most crowded garage, there is always room for a National Match Armory rifle in even the best firearms collection.

    Words and even photographs fail when it comes to the portrayal of excellence in martial firearms. In pictures, one looks pretty much like another, and mere words are a thousand times less effective.

    Texas gun show goers are intimately familiar with National Match Armory rifles, as are those who have visited our rustic, out-in-the-country shop over the years.

    Camp Perry attendees have only to look in the big picture windows in front of the Civilian Marksmanship Program building during the National Trophy Matches to see and appreciate first-hand the caliber of rifles we build.

    "Yours are the best M1 rifles I've ever seen!" is the remark we most often hear, and we work very hard to make and keep it so. 

    One of the reasons for this acclaim is that we don't try to make our rifles look or act like new GI weapons...that's not nearly good enough. Our goal is to make them have the same quality look and feel as fine, hand built European hunting rifles and shotguns. Not fancy or gaudy, but quietly elegant in a smooth and functional way.

    And, even though they are intended to work hard under far from ideal conditions, our match rifles have all the fine detail work and dignity of our presentation firearms.

    Pick one of our rifles up, it's solid. Cycle it, it's smooth as butter. Dry fire it, it's crisp as a fall morning. Shoot it, and you'll feel it move in your hands like it was alive, and happy to be so.

    While men usually knuckle-thump the stocks, women often caress the wood on our rifles as they visit our booth at gun shows...and blush when they are caught enjoying the feel of the smooth, warm, hand-rubbed walnut. National Match Armory rifles are quality...and it shows.

    So, do your homework before you buy. Low prices and fast turn-around times are sure indicators of low quality parts and hurried assembly - how can it mean anything else? Unless, of course, you still believe in free lunches and the tooth fairy.

    No, National Match Armory rifles are not for everybody. But for some, nothing less will do.

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National Match Armory

"Why settle for less?"

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