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What is a National Match Armory "Master" / "High Master" Match Rifle?

    The "Master" Level Match Rifle is an upper- mid-level match rifle. 

    It is an upgrade from the "Expert", but, as one might expect, not to the ultimate level of the "High Master".

    Every "Master" / "High Master" Match Rifle, like all rifles built at National Match Armory, is hand crafted one at a time by riflesmith Eric Pierce himself. Each represents the highest level of M1 service rifle technology and development, tested and proven in real-world National Match across-the-course competition.

     "Each 'Master' / 'High Master'  Match Rifle is an individual with subtle differences, but each is superior in terms of craftsmanship and match-winning performance."


    Like all National Match Armory-built rifles, the "Master" Level Match Rifle can be purchased outright from our inventory, when available,  or one can be built from a rifle you already own. 

    The client has his choice of .308 or .30-06 caliber and any combination of the many upgrades offered by National Match Armory.

What attributes does a typical "Master" / "High Master" Level         Match Rifle have?

    A "Master" Level Match Rifle is an upgrade of the "Expert", and has all the features of the lesser grade plus additional upgrades as requested by the client. 

    Typically, these "Master" upgrades might include one or more of the following::

            * Krieger heavy contour match grade barrel in stainless steel or chrome moly steel.

            * Pressure steel bedding with rear pillar.

            * Additional stoning and smoothing of internal components.

            * Laminate or upgraded walnut furniture.

            * Hand-lapped half-MOA National Match hooded rear sight assembly.

            * Rear sight diopter.

            * Custom or conventional NM front sight assembly.

            * Custom fitting the pistol grip area to the firing hand of the client, left or right hand.

            * Additional weight to balance front-to-rear, as client prefers.

    A "High Master" Match Rifle has all the available upgrades including "double lug" modifications and is the ultimate M1 competition rifle as built by National Match Armory. 

    The National Match Armory "High Master" Match Rifle is built on a proprietary front and rear lugged USGI receiver, the strongest and most stable platform ever developed for the M1 match rifle. It employs steel tube pillars imbedded in the stock and two hex button head cap screws - one in each receiver lug - securing the receiver and stock together as if welded into one integral piece.

Each "High Master" is strictly custom built to-order after a lengthy conference with the new owner. During the conference Pierce and the new owner discuss a variety of factors which will ultimately decide the final configuration of the rifle. Colorful laminates are a popular option on High Master Match Rifles as are "Fancy" and "Extra Fancy" walnut stocks.

   One size does not fit all, nor will one combination of attributes fit the needs and taste of all shooters. We understand the very personal nature of the .30 caliber match rifle, and take that into consideration during all phases of planning and construction.

    The final result is like no other, it is truly one of a kind. It's as beautiful as your favorite fantasy, fits you like your best pair of jeans and is as friendly, loyal and hard-working as an old 'coon dog.

    Hard to believe? 

    Not any more.

What kind of performance can I expect?

    Typically, after a careful break-in period, "Master" Level Match Rifles will shoot under 1 MOA with developed hand loads or commercial match ammo selected for accuracy with the particular rifle.

    "High Master" Match Rifles typically group well under 1 MOA, given the same circumstances and conditions (see 200 yard test group at left, shot with the red High Master Match Rifle using Portuguese surplus FMJ ammunition. Imagine how well it would do with hand loads or good commercial match ammo!)

    Just as important, they will shoot to point of aim consistently and reliably, even under trying match conditions. 


"Beautiful, comfortable, dependable...and it shoots good, too. What more can you ask for in a match rifle?"

How much will it cost?

    Because each "Master" and "High Master" Match Rifle is different there's no one price that applies to all rifles. Each is estimated on its own combination of attributes and upgrades.

    Typically, an average "Master" Match Rifle will cost in the neighborhood of $3500 while a "High Master" Match Rifle will run $4000 to $4500.

    Like the old auto racing saying says, "Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?"

    We often accept M1 and M1A rifles as trade-ins, and offer a rifle exchange program on an individual merit basis. Please inquire if this sounds like it would fit your needs.

How do I go about ordering a rifle or getting mine rebuilt?

    If you think a National Match Armory "Master" or "High Master" Match Rifle, or rebuilding your own rifle to "Master" or "High Master" specifications would fit your needs, the next step is to get in touch with us. 

    You can send us an email at  or give us a call at (817-478-5721) letting us know you're interested in a really fast M1 match rifle, and we'll figure it out from there together.

    (And, just in case you're interested, we build Expert, Master and High Master Match Rifles on the M1A platform as well. See the "M14/M1A Services" page for examples.)

    Talk to you soon.

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