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This new service is offered in response to requests by those owners of antique US Military Service Rifles who are more interested in restoring the proper operation and attractive original-style appearance of their vintage rifle than they are in tack-driving accuracy.

Although it is still evolving, this new service is aimed towards the needs of those shooters who have purchased surplus M1 Garand, Springfield and Remington 1903/1903A3 rifles from the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

It is also directed towards those who now own Service and Rack Grade U.S., Danish and Greek M1 Garand rifles purchased from the same source. Owners of rifles obtained from other sources will be interested in this service as well.

Our goal is to turn rough surplus USGI service rifles into handsome family heirlooms, to be proudly shown, safely used and passed on to generations to come.

Although the exact services required will vary from rifle to rifle, the restoration operations will result in a rifle which is safe to shoot, operates properly in all respects and which has been restored to a very attractive, near-original, lovingly-used appearance.

Services may include:

* Complete Disassembly and Degreasing

*10-point General Inspection 

*15-point Safety Inspection - Includes Headspace Check to .001" tolerance

* 10-point Operation Inspection

* Repair and/or Replace Damaged / Missing Parts As Required

* Repair and/or Recrown Muzzle If Damaged

* Repair, Tighten, Adjust and Check Calibration of Sights

* Adjust Timing (M1 Rifles)

* Hand Detail Cosmetic Metal Damage As Needed

* Parkerize (Gray/Black Color Only) Appropriate Parts 

(does not damage original markings)

* Machine-Finish Blue Appropriate Parts

* Deep-Clean and Degrease Your Original Stock and Hand Guard(s) 

(does not damage fragile cartouches, if present)

* Gently Remove Old Finish, Stain and Re-Oil Stock and Hand Gaurd(s) - All Done By Hand, No Sanding Of The Wood!

(gives wood a warm antique furniture type of finish...a used, but well cared for appearance)

* Reassemble and Lubricate

* Laser Bore Sight

* Test-Fire To Confirm Proper Operation


Prices Start at $595* (plus parts and return s&h)

NOTE: This is a cosmetic restoration and safety-oriented service ONLY. No accuracy-enhancing work is available with the Military Heritage Restoration Service, nor are other gunsmithing services such as barrel replacement, stock replacement, etc., etc...except by special arrangement.


Here are some recent examples of the NMA "Military Heritage" Restoration Service:


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Give  us a call at 817-874-9115 for more information on this great new service!


* Firm estimate can only be given following a hands-on evaluation of the specific rifle to be restored.


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