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Target Sights For 1903/1903A3 Springfield Rifles


New!!! Globe Front Sights!


National Match Armory Globe Target Front Sight For 1903/1903A3 Springfield

# A National Match Armory exclusive!

# Highest quality steel, matt blue finish to compliment all rifles

# Complete with base, seven inserts and mounting pin

# Installs easily with common tools, replaces original front sight/base assembly

# The perfect companion for the NMA / Lyman Micrometer Rear Sight

$99.95 (plus shipping) as shown / $149.99 installed and bore-sighted (Temporarily out of stock!)

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New! Micrometer Rear Sights!

National Match Armory / Lyman Quarter-Minute Micrometer Rear Sight for 1903 / 1903A3 Springfield

# Makes shooting much easier and more precise

# Precise 1/4-minute click adjustments for windage and elevation

# Quality construction of steel and high strength aluminum alloy

# Large, easy to use target-style knobs

# White-on-black adjustments are easy to read

# Movable scales for both windage and elevation

# Plenty of adjustment for long range shooting

# Various sizes, styles of eyepieces available - two are included with sight

# Requires precision drilling and tapping of receiver - no wood modifications required

# The perfect companion to the National Match Armory Globe Front Sight

$149.99 / $199.99 installed and bore sighted (installation not available on early receivers)

(Note: Target Sights Not Legal For CMP Competition)

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