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Why Should YOU Go To The line With A National Match Armory Rifle?


In today's world it's important for each of us to get the best value for our hard-earned dollars. Here are just some of the reasons why National Match Armory rifles are the best value you can find...anywhere!


* Every NMA-built or NMA-rebuilt match rifle is crafted by Master Riflesmith Eric Pierce himself, not by a "helper" or a paid employee.


* We are active competitors in local, state and national NRA and CMP matches using .30 caliber rifles just like the ones we build for our customers. We know what works - and what doesn't - from first-hand firing line experience!


* Every NMA-built or NMA-rebuilt match rifle is built as an individual - for a customer who is treated as an individual -  not on an impersonal, production-line basis.


* Every NMA-built or NMA-rebuilt rifle is precision-fitted by hand, not just mass-assembled from bins of generic used parts as is common today.


* The component fit and finish on every NMA-built or NMA-rebuilt rifle is superior to that of any other service rifle on the market.


* Our stocks are uniquely custom contoured for the ultimate in comfort and control while remaining legal for all classes of competition. 


*Our standard stock finish is the very best of any commercially-built service rifle available today...our presentation-grade finish is even better!


* Our standard parkerize finish and metal detailing is the very best of any M1 available today, bar none!


* The accuracy of all NMA-built or NMA-rebuilt rifles is superior to that of any other comparable, commercially-built class-legal rifle on the market today.


* Every NMA-built or NMA-rebuilt rifle comes with a lifetime limited warrantee on the work performed by NMA, limited only by abuse, neglect and/or wear-out.


* Every NMA-built or NMA-rebuilt match rifle has been test-fired at 200 yards to ensure superior accuracy and proper function.  We're the only ones who do...and it's got to pass, or it comes apart and is fine-tuned until it does!


* Our research and development is constantly ongoing on a daily basis - in the shop and at the range - to ensure our clients of the very latest and best in technology and performance.


* And, in all the years we've been in business, we've never had a customer who was dissatisfied with the rifle we built for him!


Yep, we've done our homework, and know the above to be true. We welcome you to make the comparison yourself, just to be sure.

You can get cheaper ones, and you can get faster turn-around times...

but you can't get a better quality M1, M14 or M1903 than from...

National Match Armory!


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National Match Armory

"Why settle for less?"

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