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This Page Last Updated: February 1, 2014

"National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish

to which all others are compared."

Please note: Effective Feb. 1, 2014

Due to a recent change of policy by the BATFE, National Match Armory is now selling turn-key rifles in addition to those we build using the client's rifle as a base.

This means you can select a rifle from our existing inventory - or you can order a rifle even though you do not currently own a core rifle from which to build.


Rifles For Sale: (Current FFL required for all sales!)*

Thanks to a very busy first half, our current stock of rifles for sale is extremely low at the present time.

But, we always have several "John C. Garand" M1 Match Rifles and several "Expert" M1 Match Rifles - .308s and .30-06s -  in the works. If you are interested in what's coming up, give us a call.

In addition, we have several match grade M1903 Springfield rifles under construction including one late Rock Island M1903 and a couple of WWII Remington M1903s. 

And, there are a couple of accurized 1903A3 rifles - all Remingtons - in the works as well.

So, stay tuned to this page. We'll get photos and descriptions of each one as it is completed, tested and ready to go to a new home.

We highly recommend, however, that  you contact us if you want one of these rifles. Demand is such that some are already pre-sold...


Trade-In Rifles (M1 or Springfield) Encouraged!

Please note: National Match Armory accepts M1 Garand and 1903/1903A3 rifles as trade-in towards rifles or work. Any condition, complete or incomplete, parts...whatever. This can sure help take the bite out of buying a really good rifle...helps us out, too.


Newly Listed Rifles:

(Feb. 20, 2014 and still available):

NMA "Unlimited" Match Rifle SN3520XXX (SOLD!)

Caliber .30-06, Excellent USGI Match Grade Barrel, NM Sights, Steel Bedding and all the good NMA Tuning and Accurizing that will make this rifle a winner at the range.

Freshly built and ready to go!
(More photos to be posted shortly - if it lasts that long. Stunning striped birchwood furniture is actually somewhat darker than the photos show. Call for more info: 817-874-9115) 



*     *     *     *     *

NMA "Unlimited" Match Rifle, .308

Caliber .308, Excellent Citadel Match Grade Barrel, NM Sights, Steel Bedding and all the good NMA Tuning and Accurizing that will make this rifle a winner at the range.

It's one of Eric Pierce's personal match rifles that could be yours today. Low mileage, excellent performance...and a visual "knockout" as well.

Cleaned, serviced and ready to go!

*     *     *     *     *

Springfield Armory (tm) - built "Ultra Match M1"

This may be the ultimate in collectible non-military M1 rifles, having been built in the 1980's by the Springfield Armory Custom Shop to the best of our knowledge.

Caliber .308, Excellent Springfield Armory (tm) Match Grade Barrel, NM Sights, Glass Bedding and all the modifications done by SA's Custom Shop at that time. It's got some mileage on it but it still shoots very well and is highly collectible to boot!

Don't miss this one!

*     *     *     *     *


They are shown here for reference only. Please note that prices on them DO NOT REFLECT CURRENT PRICING, but are from as much as 10 YEARS AGO.


NMA Springfield Match Rifle 1903-A3...the last one!

(Sold! Congratulations, James!)

This is the last modified rifle NMA will be selling outright.  From now on, clients will have to supply the rifle to be modified. This is not my choice, but is the result of recent BATF rules changes which restrict my ability to pursue my legal and constitutional business as I see fit. You can thank your Democrat-controlled Congress for the pressure put on BATF to bring this about.


The rifle is a Remington 1903-A3 built for legal CMP Springfield Match competition. It was ordered by a client and spec'd out with a pristine USGI two-groove barrel, an excellent budget-conscious choice for a rifle primarily used at 200 yards with surplus ball ammo. Accuracy with these barrels is very good at moderate ranges, easily on par with USGI 4-groove barrels.


Everything about this great-looking rifle is right on the money! It's fitted with a new American walnut pistol grip-style stock, a fitted, lapped and polished bolt, a crisp competition-weight trigger and responsive, calibrated sights. Bargain priced and ready to go! $2895.00


Custom Built Match-Grade 7.62mm M1 Garand, SNXXXXXX (Sold!)

We built this bad boy named "Camoman" several years ago as an experiment. Turned out pretty good, don't you think? It's a full-on Expert Level Match Rifle in 7.62 x 51 (.308 Winchester) caliber with a very custom stock fashioned from birch as a core coated with epoxy resin.


In the process, we lengthened and contoured the pistol grip to be more like that of a target rifle and raised the comb for a more comfortable head position with the rear sight in an elevated position as it would be at longer ranges. We then lightly textured the entire stock for improved grip and finished it off in a hand-painted camoflage pattern of our own design.


The heart of this unique rifle is the original USGI 7.62x51 match grade barrel as used in the legendary US Navy National Match rifles. In addition to being fully bedded and accurized to Expert Level, it's fitted with our own Series II NM sights and a NM-marked operating rod. It's test-fired, zero'd and ready to go!'ll never see another one like it!  $3395.00 (SOLD)

Don't miss out on this outstanding piece of American history.


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


 SA #24XXX - T-26 Expert Thumbhole Sporter!  

SOLD! Congratulations, Command Sergeant Major!!!!

We put this one together just for grins...turned out pretty good, too!

It's an Expert Level Match T-26 in .308 caliber steel bedded into a one-off black walnut thumbhole sporter stock...a little different, eh?

Thole-1.JPG (40194 bytes)     Thole-2.JPG (39494 bytes)     Thole-3.JPG (39931 bytes)     Thole-4.JPG (39649 bytes)     Thole-5.JPG (40934 bytes)

In addition to the normal accurizing and hand-fitting, we also cleaned it up a little here and there to look a little more "sporty" and a little less military. For example, we chopped the bayonet lug and lumps from the gas cylinder to smooth out the front end. We also cut the extra loop from the trigger guard and trimmed the safety to blend into the lines of the guard while still remaining completely functional. 

Thole-6.JPG (40045 bytes)     Thole-7.JPG (39116 bytes)     Thole-8.JPG (39500 bytes)     Thole-9.JPG (40261 bytes)     Thole-11.JPG (39428 bytes)

We also put a nice, soft recoil pad on the business end of the stock and whittled a wide beaver tail onto the forend, just in case you've got some bench shooting in mind. Of course, we eliminated the sling and stacking swivels, too. And, the 24XXX serial number is legit! 

Nope, you'll never see another one quite like it.  $2495.00 (SOLD!)


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


NMA "Expert" Match Rifle: SN 2781xxx - aka: "Julie" (Just completed 12/03/07 and ...SORRY, SHE'S SOLD!!!   Congratulations, Mark!)

We've just put the finishing touches on Julie and are very pleased with the way she turned out. She's a match-ready National Match Armory "Expert" Level Match Rifle chambered in .308, and capable of shooting 7.62 NATO surplus ammo equally well. She's all business, not at all showy other than some very subtle grain "color" that pops in and out with changing light and angle.


The metal is done in our proprietary combination of dark gray parkerize contrasted by our special matt finish blue, a tasteful combination of colors and finishes that we think adds a large degree of elegance. She is steel bedded and accurized in our own unique way to wring every last bit of accuracy possible from an entry-level match rifle of this type. The barrel is a match-grade Krieger, as are nearly all of our competition rifle barrels, while the stock is of our own design, finished in our own blend of traditional drying oils. Unlike any other stock shape or finish, ours is designed to enhance grip-ability during the heat of competition while being easy to maintain as well. Looks pretty good, too!


Julie's sights are of our own design, giving the shooter half-minute adjustments in both windage and elevation, with crisp, audible clicks to help the shooter concentrate on his shooting rather than on fiddling with his sights. The rear sight is closely fitted and hand-lapped for precision and repeatability. The trigger has been match-conditioned as well, to be crisp and highly shooter-friendly.


Each and every Expert Level Match Rifle that comes from the National Match Armory shop is capable of match-winning accuracy in the hands of a skilled marksman. While Julie is no doubt beautiful, she is also a serious competitor who is happiest doing what she does best: winning matches!  Julie: $3295


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle: SN 3190xxx - aka: "Caroline" (Just completed 12/03/07 and ...Sorry, she's SOLD!!!  Congratulations, Patrick!)

The National Match Armory John C. Garand Match Rifle has become our most popular model in recent months, thanks to the growing popularity of the Civilian Marksmanship Program's match series of the same name. Thanks also to the indisputable fact that our JCG Match Rifles are ready, willing and able to win these matches on local, regional and national levels...given that the shooter is up to the task, that is. And Caroline is no exception.


Though Caroline is typical in that she employs all our proprietary methods on enhancing accuracy while staying within the CMP guidelines for the JCG match competition, she is also somewhat unique, primarily for her beautiful furniture. The stock is a dark semi-fancy American Black Walnut, with random grain "color" patterns from one end to the other. She's not at all loud, but has a subtle beauty that sets her apart.


She is fitted with a match grade Krieger military profile barrel, has one of our famous reworked triggers that is crisp, user-friendly...and legal. Our proprietary blend of dark gray eggshell parkerize and matt finish blue contrasts beautifully with Caroline's dark walnut woodwork. All the internal working parts have been selected, fitted, lapped and finished to provide the ultimate in operational smoothness and is every NMA-built match rifle.


We also spend a great deal of time fitting and lapping the sights, even those on our "as-issued" JCG Match rifles like Caroline. Why? Because even the best shooter can't win a match unless he can point his rifle in a precision manner...and that's the job of the sights. If there's accuracy to be found, we find it and build it into every NMA rifle. She's beautiful,  tight, smooth and sweet...  Caroline: $3250



*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle: SN544XXXX - aka: "Ellie" (Just completed 12/03/07 and ...Sorry, she's SOLD!!!  Congratulations, Rick!)


Ellie is available here on the website a bit unexpectedly. She was custom ordered by a client who was not able to take delivery at the last moment. His loss, your gain! She is a basic John C. Garand Match Rifle with all the "careful assembly" that's possible while still staying within CMP match rules. She's fitted with a special grip profile NMA American Black Walnut stock, finished in our proprietary blend of traditional drying oils, which shows a pleasing hint of semi-fancy grain.


Unlike most of our match rifles, Ellie is fitted with a Wilson chrome moly match grade military profile barrel which was specified by our client instead of our usual Krieger. No problem there, as Wilson also makes a fine quality barrel for JCG applications. The metal is done in our proprietary blend of dark gray parkerize and matt blue, a combination that is unique to National Match Armory-built rifles.


Among the many areas where detail is the name of the game, Ellie's rear sight has been selected, fitted and lapped to give precise adjustments with dependable repeatability regardless of conditions. The bolt, also, has been selected, fitted and lapped along with many other important internal components. You never see this work, but the downrange results and smooth, dependable operation speak for themselves.


We also take pride in our trigger work, and Ellie's trigger is no exception. It's smooth, crisp and very shooter-friendly while staying well within the CMP guidelines. We're sorry that our initial client was not able to take Ellie home...but somebody will. Maybe it'll be you...  Ellie: $3195



*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle: SN824XXX - aka: "Donna" (Sorry, she's SOLD! MERRY CHRISTMAS, RAY!)

Recently completed, Donna is a very basic NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle based on an early vintage 6-digit Springfield Armory receiver. She's fitted with an excellent USGI match-grade barrel which has been gauged for straightness and concentricity, selected for accuracy as well as to give her a very strong military personality. The furniture is essentially medium tone straight grain American black walnut, but with enough tonal figure to keep things interesting. Like all National Match Armory JCG Match rifles, the stock features precision inletting and custom contouring to increase accuracy, comfort and trigger control while remaining legal for CMP competition. The stock is finished in our proprietary blend of traditional oils which give the wood a deep satin tone and a warm, secure grip.


Donna was built with all the features which make National Match Armory John C. Garand Match Rifles shoot every bit as good as they look. The sights have been lapped and blueprinted, the trigger tuned for a light, crisp let-off and the entire action fitted and honed for smooth, reliable operation in the heat of competition or on a leisurely day at the range. It's the details that make the difference.


Donna's metal is finished in our signature combination of proprietary dark gray parkerize and machine finish matte blue for a very tasteful contrast in surface color and texture. She's not one of our more fancy rifles, but she's meticulously turned-out and ready for action...  Donna: $3195


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


NMA High Master M14NM Long Range

(Sold  3/27/07!!! Congratulations, Dave!!!)

This new M14NM rifle was especially built for serious long-range competition at 800, 900 and 1000 yards.  Though different in small details, it is essentially the same rifle design with which Eric Pierce won the Service Rifle Division of the Texas State Long Range Championship two times, in 2003 and again in 2005.


It is steel bedded and double lugged with embedded steel pillars, sleeves and cap screws which unite the stock and the action into one unit. This is the latest and best in accuracy platforms for the ultimate in long range accuracy.


The barrel is a heavyweight chrome moly match grade Krieger, cut-rifled in a 1 in 10" twist and chambered to work best with Lake City M118LR (or hand loaded equivalent) using a Sierra 175 Match King HPBT projectile.


It features a very stout American Walnut stock that is very thick though the middle and towards the front for the ultimate in strength and rigidity. The wrist is gently sloped for prone comfort while the butt stock itself is sized and shaped very much like an original M14...very comfy and confidence inspiring during a long day's shooting.


The receiver is an exceptional Armscorp unit which is second to none in quality. Sights are the remarkable positive-click  half-minute NMA-built Series II National Match which can be easily fitted with a Bob Jones diopter. And, of course, this NMA M14NM High Master features all the National Match Armory accuracy-producing craftsmanship which has made our rifles famous among marksmen all over the world.  $4500 (Sold!)


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


New Expert Level Match Rifles:

    The Expert Level Match Rifle is the most basic Service Rifle Match-ready rifle offered by National Match Armory. Though moderately priced, the Expert Level M1 features all the important NM features that make it both accurate and reliable in serious competition as well as at your local shooting range.


Springfield Armory #1567XXX: (Sorry, it's sold!)

Signature Series Expert Level Match Rifle - .30-06 Caliber

This just-completed NMA Expert Level Match Rifle is an absolute knock-out with front-to-back tiger-striped American Walnut furniture in our proprietary presentation wood finish. The metal, too, is spectacular in a combination of matt blue and dark gray eggshell parkerize...which we call our Signature Series.

7734-1.JPG (39605 bytes)     7734-2.JPG (41066 bytes)     7734-3.JPG (39496 bytes)     7734-4.JPG (40092 bytes)     7734-5.JPG (40099 bytes)

And, it's not just a pretty face. Under the beauty beats the heart of a true competitor, with steel bedding, full accurizing and, of course, a Krieger-made match-grade barrel in .30-06. 

7734-6.JPG (40109 bytes)     7734-7.JPG (39451 bytes)     7734-8.JPG (40992 bytes)     7734-9.JPG (41312 bytes)     7734-10.JPG (40088 bytes)

The trigger has been smoothed up, lightened and given a "glass rod" crisp break. The sights are NMA Series II NM front and rear, it's CMP Service Rifle legal and ready for years of very satisfying time at the range.

7734-11.JPG (41025 bytes)     7734-12.JPG (40279 bytes)     7734-13.JPG (40047 bytes)     7734-14.JPG (41151 bytes)     

We'll give you the recipe for the ammo this rifle will love, but the rest is up to you... ($2995)


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *



Springfield Armory #3515XXX: (Sold 1.20.04)

We just finished crafting this outstanding Expert Level Match Rifle. It's got all the latest National Match Armory technology including full accurizing, steel bedding, precision-fitted front end components and Series II NM match sights. The barrel is a highest quality match grade NMA Military Profile Match barrel chambered in .30-06 caliber with 1 - 10 twist. The trigger has been smoothed and lightened, and all the metal components have been massaged by hand and finished in the finest gray/black parkerizing anywhere.

AMVC-002S.JPG (40623 bytes)    AMVC-003S.JPG (41629 bytes)    AMVC-006S.JPG (41291 bytes)    AMVC-011S.JPG (40083 bytes)    AMVC-012S.JPG (40427 bytes)

The highlight of this particular rifle, however, is the outstandingly bold extra fancy fiddleback tiger stripe pattern in the black walnut furniture. The finish is a hand-applied blend of proprietary organic drying oils, as on all NMA match and presentation rifles, which brings out the richness and depth of this outstandingly beautiful wood. 

Not just beautiful, this rifle is incredibly accurate across the course and from the bench, with custom grip profile and perfect balance for easy carry and handling. Ready for range or firing line... $2645.


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *



New John C. Garand Match Rifles:

See the "John C. Garand Level Match Rifles" web page for details on these excellent "as-issued-but-a-whole-bunch-better" competition-ready rifle. 

New Listings:


Springfield Armory #XXXXXXX: aka "Tattoo"  (Sorry...she's SOLD!!! Congratulations, Shawn!)

NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle - .30-06 Caliber

Camp Perry 2004 John C. Garand Commemorative Rifle

2004-012S.JPG (40660 bytes)     2004-011S.JPG (40811 bytes)     2004-020S.JPG (41021 bytes)     2004-002S.JPG (40495 bytes)     2004-007S.JPG (40968 bytes)

A One-Of-A-Kind Collectable From National Match Armory

One of the most beautiful John C. Garand Match Rifles ever to come from the bench at National Match Armory, this little beauty we call "Tattoo" is a one-of-a-kind! It's fully legal for CMP JCG Match competition, fully accurized...oops, make that "carefully assembled"...within the letter of the rulebook and individualized by a unique laser-engraved handguard commemorating the 2004 National Matches. 

The wood is fancy American walnut in a striking swirl pattern grain in a natural blazing red color! The laser-etched logo has been artfully filled with a pewter-like material and is completely smooth to the touch.

2004-015S.JPG (41239 bytes)     2004-018S.JPG (41288 bytes)     2004-019S.JPG (39580 bytes)     2004-027S.JPG (40382 bytes)     2004-021S.JPG (40452 bytes)

The barrel is a crisp, specially selected  USGI unit that's been gauged for straightness and concentricity. The metal finish is National Match Armory's unique blend of dark gray parkerize and military matt blue...subtle, but striking. 

Range tested for accuracy and reliability and is ready to go. $3195  Sold!


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


Springfield Armory #349XXX: aka "Daisy"  (Sorry, she's SOLD!!!!)

NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle - .30-06 Caliber

We just wrapped this rifle up last week and are extremely happy with the way it turned out, especially the neat overlay of grain patterns in the buttstock area. The underlying grain pattern stays in place while the overlying pattern shifts as the viewing angle changes, giving the stock a kind of 3-D effect. Very cool.

The barrel is one of Krieger's finest in a legal military profile with 1 in 10 twist in .30-06 caliber, of course.  And, as with all National Match Armory John C. Garand Match Rifles, this one has been treated to all the...ahem..."careful assembly" that's legal within the CMP match regulations.


The action is smooth as they get and the trigger is crisp, light and very shooter-friendly while still being 100% legal. It's chambered to operate reliably on military surplus ammo, but will also work just fine with handloads or commercial match ammo.

The sights have been snugged up and adjusted to operate smoothly and precisely as they must under match conditions. This rifle also features National Match Armory's upgraded metal finish in a tasteful combination of dark gray parkerize and a matte finish blue. Looks great and helps smooth the action and speed up break-in at the same time.


It's test-fired, zero'd and ready to go...all set to make her new owner a winner!

$3195  Sold!


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


Springfield Armory #1026XXX: aka "Alma" (11.12.06...Sorry...she's sold! Congrats, Darryl!!!)

NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle - .30-06 Caliber

We just finished Alma a couple of days ago and she's a real beauty, too.  The American walnut stock has a very interesting figure in the buttstock which dances in the light as the viewing angle changes.  It's impossible to show in photographs, but the pattern constantly changes with an iridescent ripple. 'Way cool wood!

Alma is a classic example of the National Match Armory John C. Garand Match Rifle, with upgraded semi-fancy wood and upgraded combination gray parkerize and blue metal finish.


  The barrel is a Krieger military profile match grade unit with a 1 - 10 twist in .30-06 caliber. This is as good as it gets while still being legal for CMP JCG competition. The rifle is set up to shoot surplus ammo with 100% reliability. It will also shoot handloads or commercial match ammo with equal ease.

The entire rifle has been hand fitted and blueprinted to be as accurate as possible within the match rules. The trigger is crisp and shooter-friendly while the sights have been tightened and lapped for ease of operation and repeatability. These are all standard operations and are included on all NMA JCG Match Rifles.


Hardly just a pretty face, Alma is ready to be a serious competitor as well as a firing line beauty. $3195  Sold!


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


Springfield Armory #3445XXX:   (Sorry, it's sold!)

NMA John C. Garand Match Rifle - .30-06 Caliber

She's Ready To Steal Your Heart!

5115-1.JPG (39353 bytes)     5115-2.JPG (41100 bytes)     5115-3.JPG (41201 bytes)     5115-4.JPG (39688 bytes)     5115-5.JPG (39618 bytes)

Li'l Home-Wrecker!

5115-6.JPG (40972 bytes)     5115-7.JPG (41276 bytes)     5115-8.JPG (41046 bytes)     5115-9.JPG (40031 bytes)

It's not her fault she's beautiful...

...that's just the way she was made!

CMP JCG Match-legal. Krieger. Signature Series. $2995


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


Springfield Armory JCG Match Rifle #3531XXX:    Sold...sorry!

This recently completed John C. Garand match rifle is highlighted by superb fancy grade American Black Walnut furniture with outstanding grain structure, 

     1651-2.JPG (40298 bytes)     1651-3.JPG (39992 bytes)     1651-4.JPG (41183 bytes)     1651-5.JPG (40211 bytes)     

1651-6.JPG (40202 bytes)     1651-8.JPG (40501 bytes)     1651-7.JPG (38985 bytes)     1651-9.JPG (40091 bytes)     1651-10.JPG (40216 bytes)

1651-11.JPG (40241 bytes)     1651-12.JPG (40226 bytes)     1651-1.JPG (39861 bytes)

deep rich red-brown color and presentation finish. In addition to having been built with all the standard NMA JCG Match Rifle features, this one comes complete with an as-new accuracy gauged Danish VAR barrel, well known for its quality, and is as accurate as it is good-looking. The metal is in National Match Armory's proprietary gray/black parkerize finish over hand-detailed and hand-fitted components. The sights are carefully calibrated, the trigger smoothed for a light, crisp let-off and the interior components stoned and smoothed for maximum smoothness and reliability. It's a beautiful example of the riflesmith's art. $2750.


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


Springfield Armory JCG Match Rifle #3073XXX:      Sorry, it's sold...10/17/04!

We just finished this great looking John C. Garand Match Rifle a few days ago and are more than pleased with the results of our efforts. While it doesn't 

    3244-1.JPG (39513 bytes)     3244-2.JPG (40907 bytes)     3244-3.JPG (40432 bytes)     3244-4.JPG (40560 bytes)     3244-5.JPG (40572 bytes)

3244.6.JPG (40085 bytes)     3244-7.JPG (40911 bytes)     

photograph very well, the American Black Walnut stock has some very nice figure - just short of being semi-fancy - making this rifle unusually attractive without being flashy. The barrel is a Citadel match-grade military profile unit - in .30-06, of course - the sights are of the lock bar style and correct for this vintage rifle, as is the forged trigger guard. It is fully "carefully assembled" according to rules for John C. Garand competition, and features a crisp, light trigger pull and smooth, reliable operation. The accuracy is outstanding with M2 ball ammo, as must be used in JCG Match competition. It's a beauty, and it's ready to go! $2495.


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


Springfield Armory JCG Match Rifle #3793XXX:    Sorry, it's sold! 9.10.04

Available Now!  This recently-completed John C. Garand Match Rifle features beautiful semi-fancy American Black Walnut furniture, complimented by the outstanding

 3431-1.JPG (39559 bytes)     3431-2.JPG (39799 bytes)     3431-3.JPG (41096 bytes)     3431-4.JPG (40076 bytes)     3431-5.JPG (39676 bytes)

3431-6.JPG (40003 bytes)     3431-7.JPG (40569 bytes)     

 hand-finished gray/black parkerizing which is characteristic of all National Match Armory rifles. It features an as-new accuracy gauged SA 9 - 55 barrel of the same type used on original NM rifles (note: this barrel is not NM marked). It has been built with all the "careful assembly" allowed within the John C. Garand Match rules and is outstandingly accurate, even with the M2 ball required in match use. The sights have been adjusted and calibrated, the trigger smoothed and stoned for a light, crisp let-off, and the entire rifle hand-fitted for maximum accuracy and reliability under match conditions. It's beautiful, it's accurate, it's legal and it can be yours. $2750.


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


New 1903 Springfield Match Rifles:

(New Listings:)


National Match Armory 1903-A3 "Special Target" Rifle #XXXXXXX 

(Sorry, It's Sold! Congratulations, Bill!)

ST-024S.JPG (40887 bytes)     ST-027S.JPG (39887 bytes)     ST-021S.JPG (42806 bytes)     ST-029S.JPG (41110 bytes)     ST-003S.JPG (39460 bytes)

ST-009S.JPG (40885 bytes)     ST-013S.JPG (39615 bytes)    ST-031S.JPG (41068 bytes)     ST-008S.JPG (40839 bytes)     ST-005S.JPG (40101 bytes)

Here's another one of our "Special Target" rifle creations, this time on a Remington 1903-A3 platform. It has a gorgeous Remington 2-groove barrel which is match quality in all respects, and a reworked and polished early-type smooth-body bolt. It also has a Timmney match-style single-stage trigger, a vintage Lyman quarter-minute target-style micrometer rear sight and a National Match Armory globe target sight with interchangeable inserts.

As sharp-eyed viewers will notice, the beautiful walnut stock is a vintage Keystone pistol grip unit that began life many years ago on a 1903-A4 sniper rifle. Though still pristine on the outside when we got it (so much so that it still has the original finish...we custom matched the new handguard to the original stock ) some over-zealous home gunsmith had ruined the insides and hogged out the bolt notch, making the stock completely worthless for restoration purposes.

But...we figured it was a perfect stock for a vintage-style match rifle, and set about steel bedding a newly built NMA/Remington A3 action into it using all the latest 2006 rifle-building techniques. We also incorporated a few neat touches like using two band springs instead of one and replacing the slotted action screws with custom-made button head allen screws. We even custom-contoured an early smooth body bolt to fit neatly into the incorrectly enlarged recess.

It shoots great, looks absolutely super and has a uniquely nostalgic air about it, don't you think? Now all she needs is a new home with somebody who'll appreciate her. $3395.


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


National Match Armory 1903  "Special Target" Rifle #583442 

(Sold 12.24.04...Merry Christmas, Darryl!!!)

   target rifle 442-1.jpg (40081 bytes)    target rifle 442-lead.jpg (39887 bytes)     target rifle 442-2.jpg (41177 bytes)     target rifle 442-3.jpg (41575 bytes)    

Sometimes we build rifles just to try out new ideas or, in the case of this really sweet early Springfield Armory 1903, to develop new products. It is the prototype rifle we used to develop the target-style globe front and quarter-minute micrometer rear sights we now offer (see the menu at left for more info) for 1903 and 1903A3 models.

It is essentially one of our superbly accurate National Match Armory 1903 Springfield NM rifles with the rear ladder sight removed and fitted with a 1903A3 hand guard to smooth out the lines. It features an early receiver mated to a selected 3-43 Remington 4-groove barrel, a beautiful walnut pistol grip stock, a tuned Timmney trigger, and of course a set of our superb target sights.

 target rifle 442-4.jpg (41170 bytes)     target rifle 442-5.jpg (40226 bytes)     target rifle 442-4alt.jpg (40300 bytes)     target front sight 2.jpg (40990 bytes)     

The bolt has been polished while the metal is smoothed and hand finished in our well-known combination of eggshell gray-black parkerize and matt blue. It's a pretty little thing, and very accurate with surplus ammo as well as with modest target loads using a 168-grain HPBT bullet (Due to the early nature of the receiver, we do not recommend that it be used with any kind of hot load or heavy bullet!).

We have done our testing with a sling in the prone position with outstanding results, but this rifle would be just as at home on a shooting bench with bags. It's cute as a button, and pure joy to shoot! $2650


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *


National Match Armory 1903  "Special Target" Rifle #3024XXX

(Sold 2/21/05 - Congratulations William!!!!!)

Here's another of our 1903 Special Target rifles, this time on a WWII Remington 1903 receiver with a vintage Lyman 48 rear sight and one of our great new NMA Globe Target Front Sights with inserts. The barrel is an as-new 4-groove Remington dated 2-44 that gauges out match quality in all respects.

Target Detail 1.JPG (40956 bytes)     Target Detail 2.JPG (41128 bytes)     Target Detail 3.JPG (41294 bytes)     Target Detail 4.JPG (39393 bytes)     Target Detail 5.JPG (40790 bytes)

Target Detail 6.JPG (41479 bytes)     Target Detail 7.JPG (39559 bytes)     Target Detail 8.JPG (38856 bytes)     Target Detail 9.JPG (39319 bytes)     Target Detail 10.JPG (39583 bytes)

We'll have more details on this rifle here soon, but for now we thought we'd just tease you with an array of photos. It's a full-custom beauty and shoots every bit as good as it looks. ($3195)

More soon!!!!!


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *



Remington 1903 "Expert" Match Rifle #3269XXX (Sold 6/30/04!)

This is one of the smoothest and most accurate original-looking military barreled 1903 Springfields we've built in a while. The action is carefully steel bedded, making it technically

9248 1.JPG (39566 bytes)     9248 2.JPG (39638 bytes)     9248 3.JPG (40271 bytes)    

 ineligible for legal Springfield Match Competition, but improving the accuracy substantially. It features an as-new SA 4 - 42 4-groove barrel, a really crisp and light

 9248 4.JPG (39582 bytes)    9248 6.JPG (40329 bytes)     9248 7.JPG (39844 bytes)     9248 8.JPG (40035 bytes)     

 trigger, and a butter-smooth action, all to improve the owner's shooting enjoyment of this fine rifle at the range. The furniture is American Black Walnut, in a lightly figured straight grain which has, like all the other components, been expertly fitted to enhance accuracy. The metal parts have been hand-prepared and finished in a combination of military blue, gray/black parkerize and in the case of the bolt, follower and ladder sight scale, bright in-the-white just like the original NM 1903s were done. It's a beautiful rifle, and a pure pleasure to shoot, from the bench or across the course. $2650. (SOLD!)


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *



1903 Mark I Springfield Match Rifle #1036XXX      (Sorry, it's sold!)

We take great pride in never building two rifles exactly the same...and most of the time each is very different from the next. Each has its own separate and unique personality to appeal, we hope, to a matching individual in need of a fine firearm. This all-MKI National Match Armory NM Springfield Match Rifle rifle is a case in point.

6684-1.JPG (40966 bytes)     6684-2.JPG (40653 bytes)     6684-3.JPG (39924 bytes)     6684-4.JPG (40183 bytes)     6684-5.JPG (40342 bytes)

6684-6.JPG (39456 bytes)     6684-7.JPG (39724 bytes)     6684-8.JPG (40169 bytes)     6684-9.JPG (40116 bytes)

  In addition to being fully prepared for legal use in Springfield Matches, this rifle is all MKI except for the 9-44 match grade Sedgely-made barrel (this one is not USMC marked as most Sedgely barrels are). It retains all the small inner pieces unique to the MKI rifle, some of which are visible in the photographs. 

The bolt, follower and sight ladder have been polished much like the original NM rifles, while the rest of the rifle is finished in a very tasteful combination of military blue and dark gray/black parkerize, much as they were done originally. It is carefully fitted into a very attractive American Walnut pistol grip stock, and is accurized to the extent legal for use in Springfield Rifle Matches at Camp Perry and elsewhere.

It's smooth as butter, very, very accurate and a unique piece of shooting history. $2995


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *



Springfield (Remington) Match Rifle #XXX8885

(Sold 12.28.04 Congratulations, Roger!!!)

We sure hate to part with this one! We built this rifle to shoot during the 2003 Springfield Match season but, alas, our eyesight failed us at the last minute and we had to compete with our old faithful 2002 A3 instead. It is a legal Springfield Match Rifle with all the "careful assembly" allowed by the rules for that class. The barrel is a new Remington 3-42 4-groove, the bolt is fitted, lapped and polished as are all our NM rifles and the finish is a combination of gray/black parkerize and blue. 

8885-1.JPG (39756 bytes)     8885-Lead.JPG (40193 bytes)     8885-3.JPG (39767 bytes)     8885-4.JPG (39613 bytes)     8885-5.JPG (39871 bytes)

The stock is a C-style made of beech, a medium reddish brown color that we think is very, very good looking. It is certainly unique! The butt plate is heavily checkered with no trap door and the rear sight has been smoothed, calibrated and polished for easy adjustments and easy reading. It is in all respects as good as it gets in a match-legal '03.

8885-6.JPG (40958 bytes)     8885-7.JPG (38611 bytes)     8885-9.JPG (39306 bytes)     8885-8.JPG (39826 bytes)

We put a couple hundred rounds through this rifle to break it in and to try to regain the proficiency of our youth with the ladder sight, but to no avail. The rifle shot great...we, however, did not. Blindness is not a virtue in the target shooting game.

8885-10.JPG (40454 bytes)     8885-11.JPG (40129 bytes)     8885-12.JPG (40535 bytes)

So, here it is, smooth, slick and ready to go, just waiting for somebody with good eyes. 

$2995 (P.J. O'Hare sight covers not included)


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *



 Springfield MKI Springfield Match Rifle #11111XX 

(Sold 2.21.04...Sorry!)

 Available now! More information coming soon... This is the latest example of the National Match Armory 1903 Springfield NM rifle to come out of our shop. It is built on a

    1144-2.JPG (39897 bytes)     1144-1.JPG (40023 bytes)     1144-3.JPG (39880 bytes)     1144-4.JPG (40066 bytes)     1144-5.JPG (40418 bytes)

1144-6.JPG (40030 bytes)     1144-7.JPG (40922 bytes)     1144-8.JPG (41234 bytes)     1144-9.JPG (39097 bytes)     1144-0.JPG (39084 bytes)

MKI receiver, which we consider to be one of the best choices for a match rifle, and features an as-new SA 4 - 42 4-groove barrel. The bolt has been fitted and lapped for butter-smooth operation and all the other parts hand-selected and hand-fitted to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability as well as user-friendly operation. The furniture is dark American Black Walnut selected and carefully fitted according to Springfield Match rules. There are lots of really great small touches including a combination of military blued and parkerized components to give the rifle an hauntingly original look, and a bright bolt which is "just right" for the package. It is an elegant rifle...and it shoots great! $2850.


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *



New Master and High Master Match Rifles:


New! High Master Double-Lugged M14NM    SN#16XXX aka: "Sadie"

(11.12.06...Sorry, she's off to her new home at Darryl's house! )

We built Sadie in response to the overwhelming interest in the High Master M14NM I used to win the Texas State Long Range Championship (Service Rifle Division) two times. This one is not an exact replica of my long range match rifle, but it is mechanically identical and shoots every bit as well.

She is lugged front and rear with hidden steel sleeves through the stock to allow the action and the stock to be invisibly bolted together with blued buttonhead cap screws. This locks the action firmly into the steel bedding and makes the action and the stock virtually one piece.


The action is based on one of Armscorps great M14NM receivers while the barrel is a Krieger cut-rifled heavyweight in chrome moly. It's chambered in .308/7.62x51 with a 4-groove 1 - 10 twist. All of Sadie's internal parts are forged and hand-fitted for smooth operation and long life. Construction includes all the modification and trick techniques for which National Match Armory is known,to produce stunning accuracy and long, trouble-free life.

Sadie's stock is a dense American walnut with primarily straight grain, but with just enough figure to be interesting. The stock was custom contoured at National Match Armory to allow a precise grip and head position, minimize fatigue and to be comfortable from beginning to end of long prone matches. The vented handguard allows air circulation to help prevent heat build-up in the barrel on hot days, and does not induce mirage as one might suppose.


Sadie is extremely shooter friendly and promises to be unbeatable in skilled hands in both across-the-course and long range service rifle competition out to 1000 yards. It is crafted to shoot military match ammo - M852, M118 SB and M118 LR - or hand loaded equivalents.

No frills, fads or pointless modifications, Sadie's a solid winner just waiting to happen!

$4495 (trade-ins welcomed)


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *



New! High Master Double-Lugged M14NM    SN#16XXX    (Sold!)


This just-completed High Master Double-Lugged M14NM is at the very top of the National Match Armory M14-type rifle line-up. It has the very best of everything and is ready for serious competition in all service rifle classes, including long range.

The foundation for this outstanding hand-built performer is a National Match Armory-massaged  Armscorp™ receiver which has been fitted with sturdy front and rear lugs, drilled and tapped for hardened capscrew anchor bolts. This is without a doubt the highest quality M14-style receiver and the strongest and most stable construction technology available today.

     RM14left.JPG (40616 bytes)     RM14frontend.JPG (40018 bytes)    RM14rcrv.JPG (40233 bytes)    RM14threequarter.JPG (40817 bytes)     RM14right.JPG (40384 bytes)

The barrel is a fitted heavy weight Krieger stainless steel match barrel, chambered in .308 caliber. It is throated to work with match ammo (M852/M118 and hand-loaded equivelant) and is cut with a 4-groove / 1 - 10" twist.

The sleek-looking stock is a heavy, solid fiberglass McMillan NM-style stock, modified by National Match Armory to provide a comfortable, easy-handling yet stable and rock-solid foundation for serious shooting.

These three basic elements have been skillfully and meticulously combined as only National Match Armory does it, with our proprietary pressure steel bedding and steel (not aluminum) bedding pillars. We use case-hardened button head cap screws from the bottom side to hold this carefully fitted assembly solidly together so that it performs as if it were made from one solid piece.

The gas system has been unitized and modified to NM specs and hand lapped for a low-friction, high-efficiency precision fit. The gas cut-off switch is still fully operational, a big advantage in slow-fire long range matches.

Also hand-fitted, stoned and lapped are all the internal reciprocating components, including the bolt, operating rod, operating rod guide and op rod spring guide for the smoothest of operation and long, reliable life. (All internal components are USGI M14 forged parts or highest quality aftermarket specialty parts.) 

The trigger assembly (all USGI forged parts!) has been reworked to give a short secondary pull at just over the minimum pull weight and hand-stoned and polished to give a crisp, precise let-off for the ultimate in shooter control.

The sights are hand-fitted NMA Series II half-minute NM sights with smooth operating hooded aperture and crisp click-stops on both windage and elevation.

The exterior is a combination of our proprietary gray/black parkerize finish, a lightly textured black epoxy coating on the McMillan stock and hand guard and the tasteful brushed stainless of the Krieger barrel. It's as handsome as it is efficient.

This rifle shoots well under one MOA with practice ammo and is capable of outstanding accuracy with any of a number of commercial and military match loads. Perhaps even more so with carefully developed hand loaded ammo.

While quite heavy, this rifle handles extremely well due to the comfortably contoured design of the wrist and pistol grip area, ideally suited for precise shooter control. It is also capable of soaking up most of the rocoil generated by match loads, so it is comfortable and stable in use in all positions. 

This rifle is especially stable in the offhand position because it is built to be slightly nose-heavy which helps minimize wobble. The extra weight is also helpful during rapid fire strings as the effect of recoil on natural point of aim is minimized.

It's technologically at the top of the game, it's ready to go, and ready to win! $4450.

(Sorry, it's sold!)


*     *     *     National Match Armory sets the standards

of accuracy, fit and finish to which all others are compared. *     *     *



NOTE: Be sure to visit our new "Gallery of NMA-Built Rifles, Past and Present" web page to see all the rifles which have slipped through your grasp...and ours! Maybe you'll find one that suits your fancy. If so, we can build one just like it especially for you, or incorporate the features of several into one. Take a look, you'll like it!

*Note: Most gun stores are willing to do out-of-city or out-of-state rifle transfers for a very nominal fee. Please call for information on how this works.

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