About us:  If you are into any aspect of the M1 Garand, you have come to the right MVC-003S.JPG (41690 bytes) place! We are serious shooters, and we are also involved in the many other ways there are to enjoy these fine pieces of our nation's military and shooting sports history.MVC-009S.JPG (42305 bytes)

National Match Armory is a very old-fashioned, quality-oriented shop which specializes in building presentation and match-conditioned M1, M1A and 1903  Springfield service rifles.

 Time permitting, we also do inspections, maintenance, 00000037.jpg (127678 bytes) restorations,  and all phases of accuracy work.

00000036.jpg (123212 bytes) A full-time one-man enterprise spawned and nurtured by Eric Pierce, National Match Armory has grown out of a 30-year love for owning, building and competitively shooting highest quality  M1, M1A and 1903 Springfield rifles.

Located near Ft. Worth, in rural Rendon, Texas, National Match Armory resides in a rustic ShopA.JPG (46743 bytes) 2-story cedar-clad cottage and is dedicated to creating the finest USGI .30 caliber service rifles in the world.

LongRangeTrophyPic.JPG (94015 bytes)Our rifles are unique in the universe. There is simply no comparison, anywhere. Each one is crafted by Pierce himself on a one-gun-at-a-time basis and no two are ever alike. 

Old World Craftsmanship is the enduring theme at National Match Armory, and only the best is ever good enough when it comes to workmanship, detail and overall appearance.ERIC55.JPG (114591 bytes)

This dedication to excellence has earned National Match Armory the privilege of crafting  the presentation M1 Garand rifles for the National John C. Garand Match at the Camp Perry National Trophy Matches ten years in a row: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and again in 2007.ERICSPRINFIELD2003-1.JPG (97635 bytes) 

In addition, this year we will once again be crafting a special presentation 1903 Springfield rifle for a selected Springfield Match winner at the 2007 Camp Perry National  Matches.

We have also created the presentation M1 Garand trophy rifles for most of ERICGARAND2003.JPG (122183 bytes) the other service rifle and pistol  trophy matches at the National Trophy Matches in years past, and will again this year, 2007! These matches include the National Trophy Individual Rifle Match, the National Trophy Individual Pistol Match and the prestigious President's 100 Pistol Match.

At National Match Armory, building the finest custom, competition and presentation M1, ERIC1.JPG (29876 bytes) M1A and 1903 Springfield rifles in the world is what we do... and it's all that we do. This same dedication to excellence goes into the repair and modification work we do on customer-owned rifles.

We have a reputation for building the best, and our creations are priced EricSpringfieldMedal.JPG (62337 bytes) and scheduled accordingly. NMA takes no shortcuts, cuts no corners and does nothing the quick, easy way. We do it right, or we don't do it at all.

Likewise, our customers come to us with the expectation that their faith, patience and investment will be rewarded with a rifle which has workmanship, performance and beauty absolutely second to none.

It's a win-win situation, as hundreds of well-satisfied customers will enthusiastically verify.  And that's the way we like it!EricGarandMedal2.JPG (41879 bytes) 

PRESENTATIONS_1.jpg (37087 bytes)Please, while you're here, take the time to read this website completely, front-to-back. We think you'll enjoy it...and you'll have a far better idea of what we do, how we do it and what we can do to make your service rifle shooting more enjoyable.


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Eric Shooting.JPG (38084 bytes)(PLEASE NOTE: NMA uses only the best of products in the creation of our rifles. Many are supplied by highly specialized cottage industries and may not always be in stock or immediately available. 

EricSlingingUp.JPG (40184 bytes) Likewise, all work is done in-house by Eric Pierce himself. NMA does not employ "helpers" of any kind, nor are any but the most highly EPA-regulated processes "farmed out". 

shooting'03-1.jpg (30754 bytes) Please take this into account when considering the prices and the occasionally lengthy delivery times. Also, NMA sells no parts over-the-counter except those specifically offered onEricAtASC.JPG (38855 bytes) this website.

Eric Pierce is an active competitor in local, regional and national service rifle matches of all types, is on the board of directors at his local service and match rifle shooting club, and has been honored as keynote speaker at area sporting club meetings.) 

* National Match Armory now offers M1 Garand "High Master" Match Rifles with receivers lugged FRONT AND REAR!. See the M1 Shop Services page for details.

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National Match Armory

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